Samford Chiropractic Centre

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Sam Fitzgibbons

Chiro BHsc (Acu)

Dr Sam is a motivated and outgoing sports & family Chiropractor serving Samford Village and surrounding

areas. He uses an integrated and multimodal approach to patient's ongoing care by

blending classic chiropractic care with exercise, acupuncture, and muscle release techniques to

gain the best possible results for his patients. Sam has received a Bachelor of Health Science in

Acupuncture from the Australian College of Natural Medicine and a Master of Chiropractic from

Macquarie University.

One of his strengths is that he has a unique background in Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine and

thus can incorporate this knowledge and training into his Chiropractic care and vice versa.

Over the years he has done further Chiropractic training in low force adjusting techniques such as

Activator, Taping/Strapping, Kinesiology, and Chiropractic Paediatrics.

His unique approach to spinal and health care includes regular spinal check ups and healthy lifestyle choices. This includes but certainly not limited to exercising regularly, eating whole foods, learning to relax and calm the mind, managing stress, be happy, and doing the things you love.

Sam was introduced to chiropractic by chance on a trip to Vietnam, a successful American chiropractor who was interviewing him as an acupuncturist saw a spark in him and inspired him to go deeper and return to further study healing and realise his inner Chiropractor.

Having a background in world football (soccer) and a love of nature, Sam began practicing yoga and martial arts back in 1995 and has trained in kung fu, tai chi, yoga, and qigong for over 20 years. Taking an interest in nutrition, exercise, meditation, and movement inevitably led him to study the foundations of natural medicine, Chinese medicine & Acupuncture, and Chiropractic.