Samford Chiropractic Centre

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Geoff Jackson

I graduated from university in the mid 80’s, after leaving Queensland, where my mum and dad had a pineapple farm and travelling to Melbourne to study.
Minty and I met at university and married in 1983.Our first daughter, Emily was born in 1986.
After graduation, we began practice in East Doncaster, Vic and practiced there until 1993.Our second daughter, Alice was also born in Melbourne in 1991.

In 1993, with Emily having started school and having no family in Melbourne we moved to Sydney, where Minty’s family live. We practiced in Mosman and Forestville until 2003.Our third daughter, Harriet, was born in Sydney in 1994. After many years of trying and much persuasion, I finally convinced Minty that Queensland (specifically Samford) was the place for us. We moved to Samford (Mt Samson) in 2003.
We started SAMFORD CHIROPRACTIC in 2004 and moved the practice to our current location in 2011.

We have always run a family based, low force practices and have adjusted kids from birth to those in their 90’s from the beginning of our career as Chiropractors.

I first became aware of Chiropractic as a teenager when my mum had severe spinal problems and was given cortisone injections into her spine along with other drug based “treatment”.
After what seemed like months, my dad convinced her to see a Chiropractor and the rest is history. She gradually began to improve eventually returning to normal and we all became chiropractic patients, as we see in our practice now.

All three of our girls have been adjusted from the day they were born and have been among the healthiest kids I know. I strongly believe all kids should grow up under Chiropractic care having a nerve system and bodies that function at an optimum level to give them the best chance of a long and healthy life.

The simple truth behind Chiropractic is that the body will be healthier if the nerve system is allowed to do its job FREE FROM INTERFERENCE, if this can be achieved in a gentle, low force way all the better. This has always been and will continue to be the basis behind what we do.

Minty Jackson

I finished my study at the end of 1984 and stayed in Melbourne (where I had studied) until the early 90’s running a practice in East Doncaster with my husband Geoff. We had our first two daughters during this time Emily and Alice and Harriet a few years later in Sydney.

In 1992 we moved to Sydney to be closer to Family and started a practice in Mosman which we ran successfully for a number of years and then opened another in Forestville which was walking distance to our home.
As time went on and our three daughters grew up we realized living near the city was not for us... Alice and Harriet were both keen horse riders and the idea of sitting in traffic to travel anywhere was not appealing.We practiced healthy living and were keen to carry this out completely growing our own veggies etc.

Geoff had always tried to encourage me to see the light and move north to Queensland ( where his family were)but I always resisted as it seemed too ”relaxed" compared to Sydney and Melbourne.....We went to my nieces wedding in 2003 and stayed at Southbank and that was what made me change my mind. Brisbane was catching up with everything but not the number of people . We put our house on the market and had moved to ten acres at Mount Samson by the end of the year!!

As most people know my special interest is my love of animals and so while in Sydney I started my post graduate studies in Animal Chiropractic at RMIT in Melbourne which I completed 2 years later.

This I only do part time as I still really enjoy treating everyone of the human variety too from babies to the elderly . Not a day goes by without seeing a positive change in someone which can have such a big impact on their life....this has kept me as enthusiastic about the benefits of Chiropractic as I was when I first graduated.
I have continued to work since I graduated in 1985 and have managed to combine this with plenty of time with our family

Our practice is Family based and we accommodate every age !!