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Samford Family Chiropractic Centre

Our focus is Family Well Care

No one is too old, too young or to  hairy to benefit from modern, gentle chiropractic care.
You will not only feel better, move better and function better, you will be healthier if your nerve system is free from irritation and the interference spinal problems cause.

Chiropractic: about the cause, not just the Symptom!

The absence of symptoms does not mean we are Healthy!

In order for parents to understand the importance chiropractic plays in their whole families' wellness, it is vital for them to understand the basic scientific principles of chiropractic. Chiropractic is  based on the following physiological knowledge. Firstly, structure determines function. The structure of the cranium and the spine houses the central nervous system and therefore determines how the central nervous system will function. Secondly, the central nervous system is responsible for the function of all body systems and their ability to adapt to their environment. Any interference to this "master control system" will adversely affect the body's ability to achieve a state of health and well-being.

The absence of symptoms does not necessarily mean we are healthy. Just because we "feel fine" and have no pain does not mean that our body is functioning to its optimal level of wellness.  For true health, the body's own natural ability for repair and regeneration must be maximized. Removing interference to the nervous system is one vital way to enhance the body's own natural abilities for health and well-being. This is what the chiropractic adjustment achieves.

 For parents to understand how most of us have interference to our nervous systems, we address the trauma that birth  (even what is to be considered natural birthing) has had on our  nervous systems.  In most births,  mothers are  given drugs and put into positions that  compromise the natural process of birth.  When the natural function of the mother's body is interfered with during delivery in even the smallest way, trauma to the baby's nervous system results.

 In our office, we educate parents as to how these procedures can affect the baby's fragile spine and underlying nervous system. Injury to the master control system of the body this early on will have a lifetime effect on that person's ability to function at maximum potential. Their health will be somewhat impaired, even if it takes years for the symptom to appear.

When parents understand that the very process of birth may have impaired  their children's expression for greater health, they embrace chiropractic care as a priority for wellness in their whole families' lifestyle.

 As parents, we have the desire to offer our children the best in all aspects of their lives. Chiropractic care for children is gentle, safe and effective. Using specific techniques developed just for children, Doctors of Chiropractic remove nerve interference which  allows the child's body to utilize his or he own natural abilities for greater life expression. It is essential that children receive a chiropractic evaluation as early in life as possible.
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